Saturday, June 25, 2011

18 days old

Zoe is 18 days old today and doing much better. We've had a few rough days but she's getting better. She had a small blood clot in her heart but the doctors say it super tiny and she's on medication to get rid of it. She's been up and down on her oxygen but she seems to be getting better. They did an x-ray of her lungs today and they look much better.

They've started feedings again and if everything works out she will have the oxygen tube from her mouth removed and her oxygen will be though her nose. I'm so excited because once they do that she can cry, make sounds and all that good stuff. And it's also a step up in her progress. Yea for better days.

We can never express how thankful we are for all the love, support and prayers we are getting, thank you.

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